Fallow Bucks

Game Hunting Ireland


Total wild and free ranging bucks are in plentiful supply. Each year we take up to 25 heads. Our stalking takes place on woodland and open hillside. The bigger bucks are very elusive and the best time to take such an animal is during the rut which takes place from mid-October to early November. We will also be able to find some medal class bucks prior to the rut along with a plentiful supply of younger bucks.

Going to Ireland has always been a dream of mine. I starting hunting in 2019 so when I decided to go to, I figured it would be fun to hunt while I was there.

When I found Game Hunting Ireland, I sent an email and received a phone call from Kevin within an hour.

With Kevin’s help I put my package together and prepared to go. Any questions I had over the next several months were answered immediately.

I had never been out of the country let alone gone on a guided hunt. Kevin made everything so easy. I was never afraid that my time in Ireland or my hunt would be anything but perfect.

Kevin and Marie made me feel so very welcome. The cottage was warm, cozy and beautiful. Marie came to the cottage on the mornings we were hunting and fixed breakfast.

Not only did I get my Beautiful Fallow Buck, I added an Ibex thanks to Kevin amazing guiding skills.

I can’t wait to go back and hunt with Kevin and give him more grief. (Craic)

Dona Larimer (Moscow, ID USA)

(Hunter harvested meat)
Please ask about our hunter harvested meat.. 50lbs of meat per hunter processed and vacuum packed and ready for hunter to take back home